Announcement of ”HOKKAIDO BALLPARK ART PRIZE 2023”

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Inc. (FSE) is pleased to announce its first art competition, “HOKKAIDO BALLPARK ART PRIZE 2023 (HBAP2023)”.
HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE (F Village), which will open in 2023, aims to become a symbolic space for Hokkaido, and we are looking for artists and creators who we can collaborate with to create future for F Village which has shared value of “Co-Creative Place for Next-Generation Live Entertainment”.
HBAP 2023 aims to support talented young artists and is offering them a platform that will help boost their careers. There will be a total prize money of 3 million yen, and award-winning works will be exhibited permanently in F Village.
The theme is "HOKKAIDO" & "Baseball". We seek for pieces that will enrich the lives of people who visit F Village representing the co-existing harmony of the local community and ballpark.

Kentaro Totsuka, who will be the chief judge of the competition, is a New York based gallerist originally from Hokkaido who has introduced many artists to the world. It was the theme of HBAP 2023, which aims to create new opportunities for young artists in his hometown Hokkaido, that led Mr. Totsuka to accept the post.

Kentaro Totsuka’s Comment:

“Baseball and Art. When seemingly unconnectable dots are connected, something new begins. The world is now facing a shift in values. An updated sense of values seeking "Richness" but not in terms of money or goods. The way we enjoy baseball and art can change as well. Creating one of the largest ballparks in the world itself is amazing, but on to that, there will also be an award to support young artists. What kind of art should people see in a world that is constantly changing drastically? I'm excited to see what new art I can encounter in my hometown Hokkaido."

Application Period
12/01/2021 12:00 - 03/31/2022 23:59
Reside in Japan / Under 40 of age at application / Individual or group
Please express yourself freely on the themes of "Hokkaido" or "Baseball".
Application fee
Awards and Prizes
Grand prix 1 person
  • Prize-winning piece will be purchased for 1 million yen.
  • Permanent exhibition in the facility
Award of Excellence 4 persons
  • Prize-winning pieces will be purchased for 500,000 yen.
  • Permanent exhibition in the facility
  • Kentro Tostuka, director, NOWHERE
  • Toshimichi Kobayashi, Head of Design Department, OBAYASHI CORPORATION
  • Takshi Kamiya, HKS, Inc., Principal, Global Director of Urban design
  • THirtaka Tamura, Nomura Co., Ltd., Creative director
  • Akio Aoki, DESIGNART, Representative Director
*Please refer to the website for details.
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