• “HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE” Announcing the creation of a vision for F Village, construction of a kids area and a luxury apartment

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Inc. (FSE) has announced a creation of a district vision for "HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE"(located in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido; F Village which is scheduled to open in 2023), a formation of a strategic partnership with Bornelund inc. to build a kids area, and a construction of a luxury apartment by one of the FSE partners, ES CON JAPAN Co.,Ltd.

1. A vision for F Village: PLAY HUMAN

With the desire to make F Village "a cozy place where people of all ages can feel the joy of living", we have established a vision for the district. At F Village, you can cultivate the vitality for tomorrow by feeling enthusiasm for live sports and entertainment, a human drama without scenario, and the fulfillment of your life. We will share the vision with various partners and continue to make F Village an even more attractive place.



People bursting with joy, excitement, and emotion.
Visitors of all generations blissfully interacting and connecting with friends and family.
F Village is a destination where people can bathe in the delights of life,
be revitalized and enveloped by the comforts of home; celebrate being themselves by interacting with others; and optimize their well-being.
A hub where a web of fun and joy are attained in a manner unique to the Village.

2. Strategic partnership with Bornelund on children's play and sports

FSE has decided to enter into a strategic partnership on children's play and sports with Bornelund Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroko Nakanishi, hereinafter "Bornellund"), which provides "play tools and environment" with the aim of contributing to the healthy growth of children through "play". Bornelund and FSE jointly aim to create a community where children can grow up healthily through "play", recognize diverse values by utilizing sports, and deepen exchanges with local people through the following initiatives.

- Development of Japan's largest "playground"

Bornelund, which has developed many playset facilities nationwide, will design and develop one of the largest indoor and outdoor "playgrounds" in the new ballpark "Es Con Field HOKKAIDO" (Es Con Field). Playground will be divided into zones so that a wide range of children from babies to the upper grades of elementary school can enjoy safely and securely.

- Establishment of Kids Field

In order to create opportunities for children to play many sports including baseball, we will construct a children's field of 30-square-meter next to the "playground" in F Village. We hope that a “future Fighter” will be born from the children who have played in the miniature version of the new ballpark.

- Creation of various activities

We will develop activity programs by creating the environment suitable for various "play and sports" around F Village. Based on F Village, we will also develop various programs for adults such as walking and cycling.

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