opening a certified childcare support center to create a place for multi-generational interaction

As part of its efforts to create a sustainable city, Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. has decided to open a certified childcare support center in HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE (located in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido; F Village, which is scheduled to open in March 2023) in collaboration with Kids Labo Group (headquarters: Tokyo Toshimaku; President Masahiro Nishihara). We aim to create a town where multiple generations, from children to adults, can gather and interact.

1. Certified childcare support center

Kids Labo Group will open a certified childcare support center on the south side of the new baseball stadium, the area surrounded by water and lawn. The philosophy of the center is to "nurture the power for living”. We will provide childcare that nurtures self-esteem and develops children's motivation and interest, while valuing their budding sense of compassion and individual desire to do things. Team Labo Architects, a group of architects from Team Labo, will be in charge of the design of the center where the kids can stretch their ingenuity and experience the space with their whole body. The center will also be equipped with a nursery for sick children, providing a safe and secure environment for children who are ill or recovering from illness at home. We would like to support families with small children by providing an environment where kids can freely and safely engage in various activities.

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2. Features

Kids Labo Ball Park Children's School (certified childcare support center)
Wooden one-story house
Site area
approx. 2500㎡
Total floor space
approx. 700㎡
Certified childcare support center for 74 children + 2 nurseries for sick children (planned)
Kids Lab Group (Eishin Gakuen School Corporation)
Start of construction
May 2022 (planned)
Opening date
April 1, 2023

Examples of activities for kids

  • - Implementing food education at the farm.
  • - Establishment of a nursery for sick children (the first facility in Kitahiroshima City)
  • - Operation of a school bus to provide field trips for children to gain first-hand experience.
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3. Statements

Masahiro Nishihara, Board chairman of Kid Labo Group

Leave no one behind is the central promise of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. What can we leave behind for the children of today, who will become adults 20 years from now? Our goal is to "create a happy future" for our children. To realize such future, we are convinced that F Village concept, where shining adults are always nearby and children can have various experiences, is a place filled with ideals for children to grow up. We are thrilled to be able to realize a certified childcare support center in such exciting environment. Together with the city of Kitahiroshima and FSE, we hope to create a happy future for the children.

Ken Maezawa, General Manager of Business Administration Div. of FSE

I believe that children are treasure in the sports business, and from the very start of the Ballpark project, I wanted to realize nursery schools and kindergartens at all costs. The encounter with Kids Labo made the idea of a certified children's school more concrete, and we were finally able to realize it thanks to the support from Kitahiroshima City, which was very moving to me. We hope that F Village will grow together with the children who will lead the next generation. I would like to realize my wish to create the best nursery school and kindergarten you’ve ever seen together with Kids Labo.

4. About Kids Labo Group

Kids Labo Group

Under the corporate philosophy of "creating the future of children and supporting the child-rearing generation," the company operates 18 nursery schools mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

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