Opening a senior residence and a medical mall aiming to create a place for multi-generational interaction

As part of the development of a sustainable city, Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. will open a senior residence accompanied by a medical mall in HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE (located in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido; F Village, which is scheduled to open in March 2023).
Together with ES CON JAPAN Co.,Ltd. (developer), Hikari Heights Verus Co., Ltd. (operator of senior residence), and Miraisia Holding Co., Ltd. (operator of medical mall), we aim to create a “Hub” where multiple generations, from children to adults, can gather and interact.

1. Senior residence and medical mall

A residence for active senior citizens with a medical mall will be developed in the southeast corner of F Village, aiming for completion in the spring of 2024. The project aims to play a role in maintaining the health of people of all ages, from youth to the elderly, and to contribute to local medical care.

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2. Features

Senior Residence

Hokkaido Ball Park Senior Residence (tentative name)
RC, 6 stories
Total floor space
Approx. 15,000㎡
Number of rooms
Approx. 290 (21.60㎡~59.76㎡)
Cafe, stores, large public bath, restaurants, fitness center, nursing care rooms, etc.
Completion date
March 2024 (scheduled)
Move-in date
June 2024 (scheduled)
ES CON Japan, Ltd.
Hikari Heights Verus Co.

Medical Mall

Approx. 6 medical facilities (internal medicine, orthopedics, pharmacy, etc. planned)
Completion date
March 2024 (scheduled)
Scheduled completion
March 2024 Scheduled opening date: June 2024
ES CON Japan, Ltd.
Miraisia Holding Co.

3. Statements

Takahiro Ito, President of ES CON JAPAN Co.,Ltd.

We are pleased to announce our plans to develop a senior residence with a medical mall in F Village. This will create a home where active senior citizens can enjoy their everyday lives with peace of mind and active energy.
We have acquired the naming rights for the new ballpark, ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO, and are also working on the development of a new condominium, Le Jade Hokkaido Ballpark, approximately 80 meters from the new ballpark. We will continue to contribute to the revitalization and development of the entire Kitahiroshima area.

Chieka Mori, President of Hikari Heights Verus Co.

I am very honored to be a part of the team to create this collaborative area aiming “to be a city the world has never seen before”.
For the past 36 years, we have been evolving with the times to meet the various needs of our customers, based on our philosophy of "creating an ideal town for 100 years of life.” We will continue to aim to provide an ideal living space where people can live in a bright, free, affluent, safe, and secure environment with the Verus style of service that we have cultivated over the years.

Takeshi Kamiyama, President of Miraisia Holding

Our company name, "Miraisia," is a combination of terms with the meaning "future" and "happiness" in Japanese.
It expresses our vision to paint happiness in the future and to bring it to life step by step.
Based on this concept, we are committed to understanding and working hand in hand with the local community through medical care. Through this we help people live healthy lives and provide services that flexibly meet the needs of the times and the evolving community.
Given this opportunity to operate a medical mall, we believe it is our mission to strive to create an irreplaceable presence for all users of F Village, regardless of age, through the facility and contribute to the local medical care in Kitahiroshima City and the surrounding areas.

Koji Kawamura, President of FSE

The goal of F Village is to create a city where people of all ages, from small children to the elderly, can gather, interact, and form a multi-generational community. We believe that the opening of the Senior Residence and Medical Mall will encourage encounters and interactions among diverse values, leading to a rich and vibrant community, and we are very pleased that this project will take off.

4. About Partners



Real estate sales, real estate leasing, real estate planning, brokerage and consultation

Hikari Heights Verus Co.

Hikari Heights Verus Co.

Establishment, operation, and management of fee-based nursing homes.

Miraisia Holding

Miraisia Holding

Pharmacy management business, childcare business, etc.

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