nexus between ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO and waterfront area

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. will open a commercial space on the south side of ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO as the core facility of HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE (located in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido, which is scheduled to open in March 2023), which will be named "THE LODGE" and will be a commercial space that will serve as a base for information dissemination where visitors can experience and discover the unique attractions of Hokkaido.

THE LODGE image01

1. Features

Wooden two-story house
Total floor space
approx. 982.92㎡
Six stores are planned, including a store selling local products from nearby areas and tenants specializing in outdoor activities to enjoy Hokkaido's natural beauty.
Design and construction
SANGO inc.

2. Concept

THE LODGE, located in the center of F Village and connecting ES CON FIELD and its waterfront area, will serve as a base for information dissemination in F Village, where visitors can enjoy Hokkaido's rich natural environment through a variety of activities, and where new encounters and discoveries can be made. In addition to a store filled with local products where visitors can get to know the neighboring areas, the space will also serve as a tourism hub where visitors can experience outdoor activities and workshops and tour the surrounding areas. THE LODGE will be a place where visitors can gather and spend their time in F Village, a space where all people can recharge their body and spirit, by creating a community that brings excitement to the whole F Village.

Local Hokkaido materials (Hokkaido larch, Dounan cedar, and Ebetsu bricks) are used throughout the building, with a gently gabled roof that reflects the majestic mountain range, and an exterior mainly made of Hokkaido-style red brick and Dounan cedar, in a design that blends well with ES CON FIELD. As a warm feeling building that blends in with the nature of Hokkaido, it will be a space where visitors can enjoy the changes in nature throughout the ages.

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